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Please find below the proposal of the criteria for a successful video presentation.

  1. Duration: minimum 3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes- Keep the videos short. Statistics show that even the most interesting videos can lose the audience’s attention in the second minute of playback.
  2. Demonstrate the key message first. Don’t make the audience wait too much for the key idea. Clearly demonstrate it upfront and then in sequence demonstrate all relevant supporting details (company’s history, goals, facts, etc.)
  3. Summarize the arguments/goals;
  4. Tone: The tone should be consistent with the company’s image and goals: e.g.: Straightforward/informative, Conversational, Fun/playful, Entertaining, Inspirational;
  5. Create a relevant script;
  6. High quality: Because video is a central part of a company’s presentation, it must be high quality. Use a high-resolution camera and make the recording in a good scenario;
  7. Language: English or local language;
  8. Colors: Videos should be consistent with the company colors – Use the company visual identity;
  9. Logo Usage: The videos should include the company logo and the IN PLACE logo.

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